New Flu? What You Really Need To Know!

Some have advised me to keep my mouth shut, while others have been sincerely urging me to tell you the truth – as you may not be getting the truth anywhere else. I have decided to make a valiant attempt to separate the doctor/patient relationship that I have developed with my family of patients from the ‘truth-teller’ in me that just can not idly stand by while our country – check that – our planet is being taken from us right before our very eyes.

For many of you reading this, part of your brain will instantly deny what I am about to tell you. But I know that their will be a part of your brain that will want to accept the truth. Everything I have to say can be backed up, usually by either government documents or major media reporting outlets. Of course, the primary media are controlled and we are only given bits of information that we are supposed to hear. But, if looked into close enough, the truth is there – in plain sight. I realize that some of you will be upset with this information – and some will actually be upset with me. This is something I will have to accept, as the alternative would be that I know the truth and am unwilling to share it and perhaps save even just one life.

Please accept that what I have to say is being offered to you from a place of love. Even if you do not want to believe it, please take this information and do your own research – take responsibility for your life, your family, your freedom and liberty, your country and your planet. And know that I am here for you.

As I write this, Tuesday night at 11pm, I found this report on

“Considering the rapidly increasing number of confirmed swine flu cases, WHO (World Health Organization) officials have decided to raise the pandemic alert level to phase 5.

Swine Influenza (swine flu) caused by type A influenza, regularly leads to influenza outbreaks among pigs. The virus does not normally infect humans.

Confirmed sufferers in the United States and Mexico, however, are believed to have spread the disease to their families and others in close contact.

The alert level was increased to 4 on Monday, and WHO officials now say they will be forced to declare a phase 5 alert soon.

“We’re still awaiting for a final confirmation from the US authorities, but it appears that there’s a number of cases in New York which appear to be human-to-human transmission,” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told a news briefing.

The United Nations agency also raised its alert level to 4 on Monday as the virus was detected in several European countries.

Mexican authorities say the new strain has killed up to 149 people in Mexico. About 64 confirmed cases have been reported in five US states.”

On to the Engineered Pandemic

The predicted, or perhaps I should say, “promised” pandemic may very well be upon us. This is, as sure as God made little green apples, a totally man-made event, with a totally man-made pathogen (disease-causing agent). The WHO, US Government and MMD (media of mass deception) have been ramping up, ramping up, ramping up. But there is no honest virologist in the world who can look you in the eye and say that this virus had any chance whatsoever of having self-assembled genes from Eurasian, North American and other Swine Flu, Avian Flu (already weaponized with the genes of the 1918 Pandemic Virus?) and human viruses, sprung, like Venus from the brow of Zeus on April 14 in Mexico City and then, suddenly it has deadly potential around the globe… without a whole lot of help from its friends.

Deadly potential, by the way, is pretty weird here. There is little doubt that the death toll in Mexico is much higher than previously reported. How high we may never really know.

But there is also little doubt that there is no reason to have declared a “Health Emergency” in the US for a disease which has impacted fewer than 20 people and killed none of them. What pandemic? Who pandemic? Could it be that this pandemic is a totally orchestrated event to make sure that there is an excuse for closing down those few liberties and constitutional rights which still exist after the last devastating 8 years? The “left neocons” continuing the process the “right neocons” started?

I was reading an update from a Chinese site yesterday. It stated that the US, with 20 non fatal cases, had declared a “Health Emergency”, The same site noted that there had been a fatal train wreck in a remote part of China and 21 people were dead. I noted with interest that China did not declare a “Train Emergency”.

Bear in mind that once a global pandemic is declared, just as the US assumes supreme dictatorial powers through Patriot I, II, III, BARDA and other legislation, Executive Orders and Homeland Security Directives, and as the States assume similar powers through the Emergency Medical Powers Acts, passed at the urging of the Homeland Security cabal, so the UN will, according to already prearranged agreement, become the supreme political governing force on the planet. HELLO? Please read that sentence again – the UN is given control and supreme power over our beloved country? I, personally think not!

World government, “elected” by a lowly virus… and an engineered one, at that.

Interestingly enough, of course, it was the Angel of Change, Barak Obama, who, along with then Senator Biden, proposed to the US Congress that a head tax be paid by every man, woman and child in the US to support the UN and that the US military be placed under the authority of the UN, that is, of the New World Order.

I would call that change, all right. And I would say that it may be that a non-pandemic Pandemic just might work to get them what they are looking for.


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