What To Do About The Flu Scare.

It has been said somewhere – don’t remember exactly where – that the best offense is a great defense. I will offer my suggestions that everyone should seriously consider to protect themselves and their families in the event this thing goes according to their plan – either imminently or some time in the near future.

Can you Spell “New World Order”

It is common knowledge that Silver is the most potent, yet safe, nutritional pathogen killer known. I have been recommending for some time now that you need to lay in a good store of Silver for health threats, both natural and man-made. But there are other ways to regulate the immune system, too, and I want to tell you about some of them. I urgently recommend the Silver route (we have a small supply and can hopefully obtain another shipment soon). Man does not live by Silver alone:

Many people have been asking us what they can do to feel less helpless in the face of the possible weaponized flu pandemic about which I have been raising the alarm over the past few months. While we are watching closely, we are not totally convinced that the current crisis is a true pandemic, despite the fact that the WHO elevated the threat level “3″ to “4″ and have possibly already moved to level “5”. We are as greatly concerned about the possibility of a weaponized vaccine forced on the public as the real threat. If the choice is between a ‘quarantine center’ (read: concentration camp) and a vaccine containing unknown dangers, and you are forced to receive an alleged vaccination for a pandemic, the first line of defense would be to consider that perhaps such intramuscular shots are a bit like a snake bite and might be treated in a similar fashion. Get the poison out, as a first line of defense. Detoxify! If you have an Infrared Sauna, use it. Drink large amounts of pure (not tap) water. Use the detoxifying nutrients and herbs you have available to you. Treat the forced vaccination as though it were the assault on your immune system that it surely will be.

I cannot say what will help, but every bit of mercury, aluminum, fluoride, formaldehyde, squalene, aspartame, MSG, Polysorbate 80 and other toxins you can get out of your body, is better than than that same poison in your body.

Natural Antivirals

“Research suggests certain natural foods may be as effective against virus H5N1 as commercial antivirals.

(PRWEB) May 10, 2006 — A Biology teacher from Australia, named Stephen Jones, has done extensive research into the H5N1 virus and compiled a list of natural foods that are effective against it and listed others that are detrimental.

The list may come as a surprise to many people since foods such as spirulina and echinacea are listed as detrimental. This strange occurrence is largely due to the fact that the virus is immune to 2 cytokines that the body produces (TNF-a and IL-6). Cytokines are compounds produced by the body’s immune system that attack and remove foreign bodies. The problem is that when a foreign body is immune to certain cytokines, the body sees that its immune response is not working and tries even harder, which can lead to what is called a cytokine storm, where the body becomes flooded with these compounds and they eventually destroy the body itself. Foods such as echinacea actually stimulate the production of these specific cytokines; hence consuming it is not a good idea if one suspects they may have the virus.

During the 1918 Spanish Flu many healthy young people died from cytokine storms due to their immune systems overreacting. Consuming foods which suppress the production of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6 and enhance the production of the ones that actually are effective against the virus will aid the patient greatly.

Other foods that create mucous in the respiratory tract, such as bananas, are also listed as detrimental due to the fact that the predominant breeding ground of the virus is the respiratory tract and another way in which a patient may suffer is due to the body’s over production of mucous in this area.

Next – besides silver – what should you stock up on


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2 Responses to “What To Do About The Flu Scare.”

  1. firingsquid Says:

    The risk of dying of swine flu in the first world is very low (contrary to popular hysteria) – probably less than 1 in a thousand (perhaps a bit higher than dying of a car accident, but not by all that much). If you stay healthy, sleep properly, wash your hands as soon as you come home, and before eating and at the other times when you should wash them, you are already doing more than most people.

    • Doc Says:

      Thanks for the comment. While I agree that this viral flu strain is potentially not as dangerous as it is being blown up to be – quite frankly, there really is no way to tell. After all, this is not your ‘garden variety’ flu strain – it is a ‘weaponized’ manufactured mixture of swine, avian (bird) and human viruses. This strain simply could not naturally combine into what it has become. There has never been a strain such as this. And who is to say whether different starins have been released at the same time. There are simply too many possible scenarios and unknowns. Look – the bottom line is that we have been attacked and I, for one, am not ready to jeopardize my family for some unknowns. It’s about time that people woke up to the reality that is occurring all around us. We need to talk to one another and prepare to defend ourselves together. Oh – yes – do remember to wash your hands.

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