Update And What To Stock For The Family

Over the past two days there has been mounting evidence that this H1N1 combination virus strain has been created as a ‘weaponized’ bio-terror weapon. My gut tells me that the evidence is correct. And the terrorization of the people continues as even our illustrious vice-president joins in by warning the people of our great country to stay out of planes, trains, buses, etc.  –  Why?

CNN reports that the WHO will raise the Alert Level to 6 on Saturday (May 2, 2009) – the highest possible level of a worldwide pandemic. And the consequences of this? FOX news reported this morning on FOX & Friends that martial law and forced immunizations may be next. Check out this report:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A segment on Fox News’ Fox and Friends this morning explored the issue of whether a swine flu pandemic could result in a declaration of martial law in America and a suspension of constitutional rights.

“If it becomes a pandemic, you could lose some simple rights – like going to the movies,” said host Steve Doocy, before introducing legal analyst Peter J. Johnson, Jr.

“People in our government need to start thinking about how, if this actually becomes a pandemic, how it’s going to affect our daily life and our rights,” said Johnson, before asking if people who try to escape quarantines or refuse mandatory vaccinations would face jail time.

Johnson added that Americans were willing to give up rights in order to “stay alive” but that an orderly discussion of how that would happen needs to take place.

Closing schools, closing the border, forcibly quarantining Americans and eliminating the right to freely assemble, including preventing people from going to shopping malls, were all mentioned as possibilities.

“What about legislatures? What about the U.S. Congress? What about courts of law? What about not impaneling juries because we don’t want to have public assemblies?” asked Johnson.

“Plus the possibility of martial law, but that’s a whole other conversation,” added Doocy, with Johnson responding, “not going there”.

Are we being ‘softened up’ for ‘boots on the ground’ and suspension of the Constitution? Can you say, “Your papers please”?

We must stay vigilant.

Now – what should you have in your family ‘Health Chest’? Of course, stock up on water, non-perishable food, Argentyn Colloidal Silver, homeopathic Influenza remedy, Garlitrin and/or minced raw garlic, natural Vitamin C, Potassium Iodide, chlorine bleach, batteries, a solar charger for laptops and cell phones, N95 Particulate Respirator Mask – Duckbill Style, latex gloves, green tea, and St. John’s Wort.

The following should be avoided: Sambucal, Chlorella, Spirulina, honey, chocolate, echinacea, kimchi, dairy products and bananas. These all produce or promote cytokines – a definite no-no for this viral strain.

My best advice for all is to work very hard at increasing the level of the immune system by following a detoxification program, eat primarily a Paleolithic diet, use homeopathic Influenza as a preventative, use Garlitrin once daily, remain very hydrated by consuming approximately one ounce of water for every pound of body weight and obtain at least 7 hours of ‘good’ sleep every night.

One should also control the tendency to be overcome by fear. Get your ‘spiritual house’ in order. Trust that you are loved by your family and, even more importantly, by the One greater than thou. Use the love within you to help others prepare and allay their fears. Hug and hold dearly your children, spouse, significant other, parents, grandparents, friends – well – you get the idea. True love does conquer all, but also be prepared to ‘do the dirty work’ as well.

Of course their are specifics that will work if one does happen to develop the viral infection. We’ll discuss them in an upcoming article.


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