Quote the Nuremberg Code!

Okay – look – now that the Level 6 ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic has been announced, it only seems logical that the next step that our Big Brother will take is to either make mandatory, or very strongly suggest, that everyone receive a flu vaccination. I feel as strongly about refusing this innoculation as I do about taking the ‘Mark of the Beast’ – I and my family have vowed to refuse either one. If presented with this scenario – you may freely cite the ‘Nurmemberg Code’ – that essentially states, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is essential.” No experimental vaccine should be “conducted where there is an ‘a priori’ reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur, except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.” The following is from the mainstream media – check it out:

SWISS drugs giant Novartis has completed a first batch of swine flu vaccine for pre-clinical trials and aims to make a version available from September, the company said.

“Novartis has successfully completed the production of the first batch of influenza A(H1N1) vaccine, weeks ahead of expectations,” the company said.

The 10-litre batch “will be used for pre-clinical evaluation and testing and is also being considered for use in clinical trials”.

Novartis hopes to start clinical trials in July and “expects licensure in the fall (September to November) of 2009”, it said.

It added that “more than 30 governments have made requests to Novartis to supply them with influenza A(H1N1) vaccine ingredients.”

The company used cell-based technology to produce the vaccine, a faster method than the traditional technology that uses eggs, according to Novartis.

Novartis received $US289 million ($352.96 million) last month from the US Department of Health and Human Services for the development of the vaccine.

The World Health Organisation declared a swine flu pandemic today, ratcheting up its alert to the maximum level of six.

Swine flu has infected almost 30,000 people in 75 countries and claimed 144 lives since it was first detected in Mexico in April.

Doc here! So, it’s coming. Better to be prepared in the eventuality that it somehow becomes another government mandated policy. Take the time and effort now to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary forced poisoning of the body. Remember – under our Constitution – we can not be forced to put anything into our body that we do not consent to first. And, yes, this does include the so-called mandatory childhood vaccinations (I believe there are about 63 of them now). Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into submission. This unfortunately happens in so many other aspects of our daily lives that we barely notice how much we are subject to the smoke and mirror deceptions that we unwittingly consent to participate.

Just my humble opinion.


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One Response to “Quote the Nuremberg Code!”

  1. republicofhealth Says:

    Stay strong. Keep spreading the info.

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