Cholesterol Scare

So many patients come to the office concerned about their cholesterol level, both chiropractic and nutrition patents, that some proven facts are in order for your consideration. Perhaps these will help assuage your fear of high cholesterol and, hopefully, make some more fearful of low cholesterol. Because of one simple truth – Cholesterol is not your enemy! So – here goes:

1. Total Cholesterol should be above 200.

2. Lowering cholesterol can make heart disease worse. A review of medical studies on cholesterol and mortality in heart patients found that lower cholesterol levels led to death ––not survival, like the drug companies want you to think.

3. Low cholesterol can trigger the deadliest kind of stroke. It’s called a massive stroke and it happens when blood vessels in your brain are so weak, they burst open. Any cholesterol count below 200 is a red flag for this kind of stroke.

4. Low cholesterol may raise your cancer risk. Yes, a new study actually links low LDL levels with an increased risk of developing cancer. And it’s not the first one. In fact, more than 20 studies have been done on cholesterol and cancer. And the overall majority linked cancer with low cholesterol!

5. HIGHER cholesterol may improve your memory, stave off depression and even protect you from Alzheimer’s. Believe Believe it or not, healthy brain cells are chock full of cholesterol. Yup, 25% of your body’s cholesterol is in your brain. It fuels the electrical impulses that make thinking possible.

6. Low cholesterol impairs brain function. It’s been linked to depression. And cholesterol-lowering drugs have been shown to trigger memory loss . (Drug companies want us to forget this — and we may – if we keep taking statin drugs!)

7. Low cholesterol is linked to Alzheimer’s. The eminent researcher Iwo J. Bohr recently published a peer-reviewed paper on the subject. He points out that Alzheimer’s patients typically have lower cholesterol and suggests that a great way to prevent the disease may be to eat a high cholesterol diet .

8. Low cholesterol is even linked to suicide — and it’s not just because folks are fed up with celery and tofu! The real reason is probably that low cholesterol literally makes you crazy!

Look – if you’re worried about your cholesterol because of your heart, cardiovascular disease, stroke and such, the be very afraid of something called ‘inflammation’ becasue the studies show that this is the ‘real’ killer. Instead of checking your cholesterol, think again, and check the state of your inflammation by asking for a ‘Cardio CRP’ test.

And remember that cholesterol is your friend. It protects you in more ways than you know – and it is the base chemical your body requires to make hormones. Hey, maybe God did really know what he was doing – ya think?


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2 Responses to “Cholesterol Scare”

  1. cindyinatl Says:

    Can you post your resources for this article? Since this flies in teh face of traditional medical thinkikng I am interested in reading the sources from where you’ve gotten your info.

  2. dochand Says:

    I’ll give you one link to start. If you really need more, let me know. And thanks for posting your comment. It is appreciated.

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