Wal-Mart Wants to Dispense Untested H1N1 Vaccine

July 31, 2009

It will be like something out of an under budgeted B science fiction flick — shoppers pushing carts stacked with cheap plastic goods manufactured by slaves in China queuing up in a grubby annex at the local Wal-Mart to get a toxic shot of mercury, disodium phosphate, squalene, chicken embryos, and various virus cultures (as listed in a Glaxo biopharma database).

It’s not science fiction, though — that is not if Wal-Mart has its way.

“Wal-Mart Stores Inc is discussing with U.S. health officials the possibility of putting vaccination sites at some of its stores for an H1N1 swine flu inoculation campaign this fall, a company official said on Thursday,” reports Reuters. “Federal officials met with Wal-Mart executives on Wednesday in Arkansas to discuss the issue, Dr. John Agwunobi, president of health and wellness for Wal-Mart U.S., told public health leaders at a conference in Orlando.”

Wal-Mart is a no-brainer for distributing the untested experimental vaccine that will not protect anybody from the H1N1 virus. Agwunobi noted that 140 million people walk through the doors of its 4,000 U.S. stores each week, a few million shy of the 160 million doses the government wants to poison the public with beginning in mid-October.

Stay away from Wal-Mart!


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2 Responses to “Wal-Mart Wants to Dispense Untested H1N1 Vaccine”

  1. Jeanne Mangual Says:

    I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague for a variety of reasons- most of them political- here’s yet another reason to run in the other direction as far away from them as I can get!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bob Weinert Says:

    How is it that WalMart can release an untested or unapproved drug that has not been cleared through the Federal Drug Administration requirements? It appears they are sticking their neck out this time that may be the downfall of the the Walmart strores. If they release this this time. What next. When will this unethical and reckless production and marketing stop?

    There must have been some level of testing completed in order for Walmart to embark on this move. Is it the avoid the red tape of FDA testing they are pushing. What about the safety of the public? Citizens fearing a pandemic of H1N1 may look to the easiest and quickest protection. The reality is that most healthy individuals will not be gravely affected by H1N1. Persons less healthy and the elderly may be the most vulnerable groups.

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