A Decision Had To Be Made

In case you haven’t been informed, the office has formed a new blog. You can access this new blog at:


This new blog, which will be updated at least every two weeks, will concentrate on those issues strictly related to chiropractic. This will, I trust, satisfy those who are solely interested in health concerns, understanding the problem(s) and their respective treatment with chiropractic technics.

For those who do not mind my political views regarding the events and status of our beloved country, I have decided that I will continue this blog, but it will take on an even more personal political flavor. It is my sole intention to distribute the truth regarding the issues facing our country, standing up for our God-given (not government-given) rights, and taking back the country from the United States Corporation and re-establishing the ‘republic’.

It is my sincere hope that discussion of these and other issues related to freedom will be stimulated and that we might see a wide participation of our family base. It is also my hope that you, the reader. will spread this blog to friends and family interested in the issues described above.

I feel it is vitally important for our children and our children’s children that we learn all the truth we can about what is really going on. But, it is never enough to just learn the truth. Action is the only way to affect change. Please take action – participate – comment – discuss – and spread the word. It is the only way we can reclaim our birthright.



One Response to “A Decision Had To Be Made”

  1. Jeanne Mangual Says:

    I am very glad to see you are choosing to add a second blog to your arsenal for providing information- as the events before us unfold it would seem that indeed- there is little enough space for both types of information being provided in one small spot……
    I am also very very glad to see that you are choosing to continue blogging on the state of the world- both from a health standpoint and a political one- we cannot ever be over-informed when it comes to subjects such as these- especially in light of the current political climate and it’s vast potential for adversely affecting life as we know it here in this country- we would do well to develop a more fierce and fearless character ourselves….thank you every day for your voice!

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