Self-Shielding Bill – We Need You To Step Up And Help

A few very important messages:

First, the vaccines are nearly upon us.  They are dangerous, untested and approving them is against the law of the land. Despite talk of “Voluntary” vaccination, the choice is one of duress: either take the “voluntary” vaccine or risk indefinite incarceration.  There will be NO exemptions to the pandemic vaccines.  None.

It is urgent to get the Self-Shielding Bill introduced into the House now, while there might be time to do something to save the Republic and the lives of the potential recipients of the blessings of our Constitutional form of government. We need all of you to make sure your Representatives know you want to prevent the use of any Federal funds, agents or assets to forcibly remove Americans from their homes in the event of a declared pandemic. Read the Self Shielding Bill here:

Now tell your State and Federal Legislators, and the appointed and elected decision makers that you want to be able to say “NO!” to vaccines without facing the risk of jail.  The Action Item which you need to fill out once for every member of your family:

Next, a clarification: there will be at least six different Swine Flu vaccines, not 6 shots for each person. Very disturbing news from Leicester, England and from the US dosage trials this week made it clear that they were already testing a squalene adjuvanted vaccine by Novartis. In Leiscster the tests were on 100 healthy people whose  antibody production was so enormous that they were only going to need one shot of the vaccine.  The government  was, of course, trumpeting this as a victory when, in reality, such a tremendous immune response to the immune system irritant (which is what an adjuvant is) bodes very, very ill for the people whose bodies have responded with such vigor.

There is no way to shut off the immune system activation once the squalene has been injected, which is why it is so very, very dangerous.  It attacks and attacks and attacks and the result, which used to be called “Gulf War Syndrome” will shortly be known as “Swine Flu Vaccine Syndrome”.

Third, another clarification: yes, there is a million, not a thousand or a hundred thousand, a MILLION times more squalene in this vaccine than in the Vaccine A of Gulf War Syndrome fame. Our assertion about the amount of squalene was questioned by some and reported on Jeff Rense’s site as completely accurate; see:

That might make people more anxious to demand the right to self shield rather than take the vaccine or face incarceration.  You know where the link is, but here it is again for those of you who want it now:

We are at just under 2 million emails in this campaign. We estimate we need a couple of times that to get the legislation we want passed.  Now would be a good time to get busy making that happen. Remember, it is legitimate to send 1 email for each member of your household or family, then please spread the word.

State governments are beginning to mandate this uninsurable, un-safety-tested and unproven vaccine for first responders, led by New York State where we understand that many nurses and teachers are facing loss of jobs if they don’t take the jab.

Ordinary civilians are not safe either, with Massachusetts about to pass a law criminalizing vaccine resistance.

The Department of Defense has declared that the Swine Flu Vaccine will be mandatory for all people in uniform.  That is a violation of the 2005 Amended Permanent Injunction issued by Judge Sullivan of the DC Federal District Court which required that the squalene containing vaccine only be used if the use were voluntary.

IF you will support us, we will go into Federal Appeal Court that oversees both the DC District Court and the FDA. Since the government never appealed Judge Sullivan’s findings that squalene is dangerous and is an unapproved drug, the government is bound by those findings

Furthermore, it would be very, very helpful if we had information on the following things, which you can send directly to me at with VACCINE in the subject line:

1. Are you a currently-serving uniformed service person with a diagnosed medical reason to not take the vaccine?  Have you suffered previous vaccine injury which was diagnosed?  Do you have Gulf War Syndrome?  Are you immuno-compromised? Do you have heavy metal poisoning?  Do you have some other reason that has already been diagnosed that would provide a contraindication to taking a vaccine?  to taking THIS vaccine?  Did you develop Guillan Barre Syndrome from a vaccine shot? Meningitis?  Seizure Disorder?  Fainting?

We are looking for something that will stand up in Court (medical records needed) so that we can make the argument that your very life and health are being threatened by this vaccine.

Yes, we know that the life and health of every single person faced with the jab is being threatened, but we need someone in imminent danger of being irreversibly harmed by this policy.  We need your name, email, phone number, age, rank and a concise history of the problem.  Please, please, do not write an email on this subject if you suspect you will be harmed but do not have a formally diagnosed reason that you believe means that you will be harmed by the shot.  We are looking for very specific information that we can use to stop this atrocity in court and evidence rules are very different from our common understanding of how dangerous this monstrous vaccine program is.

Being pregnant might work, especially if you are having complications.

Also, if you are an employee of a municipality or company which is demanding that you get the shot as a condition of continued employment, please write me an email with MANDATORY in the subject line to the same email,  Tell me your name, phone number, position and the name of the company.  If you have a written document from them stating that you must get vaccinated or you will lose your job, that is very helpful.  Please attach it to the email.

You see, the Judge said squalene-laced Vaccine A could only be used as a voluntary vaccination, even if the President issues an “Emergency Use Authorization.” We need this information as quickly as you can get it to us.

What is support?

First and foremost, support means helping to get us the information, getting the word out to your peers, friends, etc., and asking others to send us the information we are asking for above so that we can construct our legal actions accordingly.

Second, this is expensive.  The Trustees do everything that we do without a penny of pay.  We need money to pay other lawyers, file papers, get the legal research done that we need, etc. Small donations or large ones, they all add up. Here is the donation link to set up a recurring donation to support this legal action and the very likely appeal that we will need to go into.

This Federal Court of Appeals is often called “the Little Supreme Court” because it hears appeals from the main federal agencies and this Court frequently finds against the FDA. We can succeed if we all pull together and support this effort. We are prepared to seek a “stay” (an injunction) against FDA approval of the “swine flu vaccine” since the FDA is ignoring our emergency Citizens Petition, formally filed with them on August 31, 2009 as Docket No. FDA-2009-P-0418.

Please make two recurring donations: the one ending in the number “6” will be earmarked for the legal fund.  The other one, ending in any other number, will be used to keep the Natural Solutions Foundation working for you just like this. We call this funding campaign, “Going for the Sixes…”

The strategy, then, in a nutshell, is to make it clear that mandating a squalene vaccine is illegal in this country.

Making it available under pressure is coercion and that is illegal, too. We won’t stand for it and we predict the courts will not stand for it either, if we have the resources to do it!

Doc here: Look – the time for pacifism is gonzo – we all need to step up and do whatever we can to stop this insanity. The above is from the Natural Solutions Foundation. This group is 1000% behind health freedom and taking back our republic from the socialists/communists in power whose only goal is our destruction and enslavement. Please remember that we are God’s creation and are subservient only to God. In this ever evolving socialist/communist corporate united states, we are being more and more subservient to this corporate country that has usurped our beloved republic. Do what you can – and do it NOW!


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One Response to “Self-Shielding Bill – We Need You To Step Up And Help”

  1. Jeanne Mangual Says:

    This mandatory vaccination program is indeed illegal, as well as socialist/communist in its’ dogma and ideology. Years ago, I remember having a political conversaton with someone who brought up the point that there is no such thing as a “free” country. At the time, I disagreed vehemently, in my youth and naivete`, I believed that THIS country was TRULY free. I was raised to believe it as an absolute, as were many of us as citizens. Now I know better. Our ideology and idealism are being manipulated as we speak, such ideals are soon to become as a mockery of our faith in this country’s agenda as it pertains to our health and safety. We are no more free than the actions we take to defend and preserve this country’s constitution as it was originally written, and to defend our inalienable right to personal freedom. In giving up our right to self-shield we are, in effect, orchestrating our own personal political death as well as setting the stage for the possibility of our actual one by mutely accepting this vaccination program. The internet as a vehicle of communication offers us opportunities unheard of in previous generations. We CAN sway the tide of the current lack of education that threatens to destroy our health if we only continue to spread the word- and the word is- NO! TO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS………………………….

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