Anti-vaccine Graffiti on Walgreens in Ashburn, Virginia

September 23, 2009

People are outraged over the prospect of mandatory vaccinations and the hype surrounding the vaccination campaign now underway with the participation of large corporations such as Walgreens.

Infowars received the following photos today with the following message. “Anti-flu warnings were spray painted on a suburban Walgreens in Ashburn, Virginia on Saturday night, September 19th. The warnings which contained mention of the known flu vaccine additives mercury and squalene were spray painted on the front of the store, drive through, and main roadside sign of the pharmacy which is offering flu vaccine shots for $24.99 in a heavily promoted campaign. When this author inquired with the store’s assistant manager what squalene and mercury meant the manager replied that believed the words to be the nicknames of the graffiti artist proving that even managerial level Walgreens employees don’t understand what they are selling and promoting.”

Please note: while Infowars certainly understands the outrage over the seasonal flu and coming H1N1 toxic vaccination campaign, we do not encourage vandalism of private property. Infowars encourages people to voice their opposition in non-destructive ways in the public commons.





Doc here: Just in case you don’t think this thing is nationwide/worldwide – I thought this might help. Even though I would never condone the destruction of ‘private’ property, it serves to demonstrate the anger and outrage that people who are waking up feel about the murder of our people and the complete and utter destruction of our ‘God-given’ rights and liberties to be left alone.


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