Mom says swine flu contributed to teen son’s death

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio mother says doctors told her the swine flu was a contributing factor in her teenage son’s death.

Her son, 14-year-old Alfie Watson, passed away last weekend at Methodist Children’s Hospital.

“Alfie was an excellent, excellent person,” mom Demeshia Watson told News 4 WOAI as tears welled in her eyes. “Just beautiful, inside and out, inside and out.”

So far, doctors at the Methodist Children’s Hospital have not confirmed Alfie had swine flu. But his mother said doctors told her H1N1 did contribute to his death.

Alfie was sent home from school last Friday with a sore throat. Demeshia thought her son was getting better, but he only got worse. When the Zachary Middle School student arrived at the hospital, his mom said he had pneumonia.

“As a mother, you’re helpless,” Demeshia said as she cried. “You know, there’s nothing that you can do. And mothers always do whatever they can for their kids.”

Demeshia Watson had to watch as her young son died.

“He did go into cardiac arrest twice,” explained Demeshia. “But my son, he was very strong. He was a very strong young man.”

Alfie Watson hung on for a few hours after being put on a ventilator, but his body was not strong enough to overcome his illnesses. His mom says doctors told her Alfie had swine flu and pneumonia. His body went into shock and his organs shut down.

“He never was able to wake up or anything,” Demeshia said as she cried. “It’s just hard to know that you walk into the hospital with one child, and you don’t walk out with that child.”

Demeshia Watson says doctors told her it was toxic shock syndrome that killed her son, and the swine flu contributed to his death.

“Just take it day-by-day,” added Demeshia. “And with the lord’s help, I should be able to make it.”

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