Two Rivers Detention Center Photo Tour: Hardin, Montana

September 29, 2009

92,273 Square Feet
36 Separation Cells
12 Single Cells
24 Double Cells (48 beds)
10 Eight Bed Cells (80 beds)
12 Twenty-Four Bed Cells (288 beds)
Infrastructure will Support an Expansion up to 500 Additional Beds 14 Bed Infirmary with 8 Beds
having Negative Air Flow
Dental facility and Pharmacy
Laundry Facility on Site
Fully Outfitted Kitchen
Indoor and Outdoor Recreation yards
7 Classrooms for GED, Substance Abuse Programming and Other Treatment Services.

Doc here: Looks really good – brand new – almost comfy! I just hope the food is good. I wonder if they serve a Paleolithic Diet there. All manner of being facetious aside – I’m saying it again and again to everyone I come into contact with regarding the overt attack on our God-given (not government-given) freedoms – if and when they come for my family and I –  to ‘force’ us, under some so-called ‘mandate?’  – to acquiesce to their demands – we have committed to fight to the death of us all – rather than submit to the satanic elite who believe that the inhabitants of this world are their slaves – to do only as they say. Our only allegiance is to the God that created us. Willing to die? Yes!! How about you? Where do you draw the line in the sand?


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