The Resistance Mounts

Karen De Coster
LRC Blog
October 10, 2009

We can only hope that people are hip to the government’s vaccination con. They’re figuring out that the swine flu is only a flu, with short-term effects, and the to-be-mandatory vaccination can be deadly or cause serious health problems, and the effects will be long-term.

At the same time, the tyrant planners in the government urge mass inoculation so they can stick you before you have a chance to think for yourself about the vaccination, its non-benefits, and its potential for disastrous effects. This week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once again urged people to line up for the dope, saying it is “secure and safe.” This is one thing that the Government-Big Pharma-Disinformation complex did not want to happen. Too much time has passed before their vaccination program could be delivered, and it was enough time for the disinformation to be replaced by the facts, with the truth being discovered by the masses. And now that John and Jane America are armed with valuable information – thanks to the Internet – the mass inoculation, by force, is losing its grip and the hysteria is waning.

In the workplace, I was dragged into a conversation by a fella who wanted my opinion on the whole swine flu vaccination ploy. Now keep in mind that I rarely discuss my ideas – only with a few people – in the workplace. It’s just not in the cards to get into ideological matters on the job, because most people are so adverse to hard-hitting truths. When I gave my pitch – I think people were surprised at my immediate informed response, though not my views – I got a high five, and also, I discovered just how many people are starting to get it. Ever since the financial meltdown, and all the ensuing government takeovers, totalitarian decrees, and socialist central planning contrivances, people are waking up to the causes of the problems and the agenda of the disinformers. During the past year I have come across so many people in public, in the workplace, and those who email me, who have opened their eyes, built a very healthy skepticism, and are becoming informed to a degree that makes me know that all that we have been doing to expose the lies of the state and its collaborators has been to the good. In the least, people have become interested in these issues and they are undertaking deep dives into some of the details. I have never before witnessed this level of interest and awareness among the masses. No wonder the state hates the Internet.


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