New York Nurses Suing State Over Forced Vaccinations

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Oct 13, 2009

featured stories   New York Nurses Suing State Over Forced Vaccinations

A group of nurses is suing the State of New York over mandatory H1N1 vaccinations, claiming that the threat of being fired for refusing is a violation of their civil rights.

The nurses, based at Albany Medical Center, say they have been told they will face a week of suspension without pay, followed by termination if they don’t get both the H1N1 and the seasonal flu vaccines by the end of October.

The New York mandate requires all health care workers to receive the vaccinations before the end of November.

The nurses say that they do not believe the vaccines are as effective as maintaining a good level of hygiene in preventing the flu.

They also state that the possible side effects outweigh any benefits, noting the fact that the H1N1 vaccine has been rushed through testing and production.

“I have had more staff that have become ill after the flu vaccines this year than coworkers that have actually come down with the illness,” Lorna Patterson, one of the nurses, told News 10 wten in Albany.

“People are being forced to do something by the government acting blindly for reasons that are not clear, but about which cynicism might not be an inappropriate attitude to take,” the nurses’ lawyer Terry Kindlon added.

“I think it’s reminiscent of the bank bailout of last year.” Kindlon stated.

“These health care workers are being stampeded into this, and we’re supposed to be a thoughtful, rational society that deals with things through due process and careful reflection. That’s not what [New York] want(s) them to do here. They’re saying, ‘Look you guys, get the shots or in two weeks, you’re on the street.’ That’s criminal. That’s ridiculous. That’s insane.”

The party say their lawsuit will be filed with New York Supreme Court before the end of the week.

This is the second high profile lawsuit filed so far by healthworkers over mandatory vaccinations. Earlier this month the Washington State Nurses Association filed a federal lawsuit against MultiCare Health System for instituting the policy at both Tacoma General and Good Samaritan hospitals.

Nurses across the country are standing up against government intimidation to take the shot, pointing out that the vaccine has not been properly tested and contains mercury, squalene and other dangerous additives.


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2 Responses to “New York Nurses Suing State Over Forced Vaccinations”

  1. Carla Johnson Says:

    I am a contract nurse in Birmingham, Al and was fired for refusing to give the vaccine to the employees. I feel that this is very wrong and want to know if someone can help me fight this or at least get the word out about this injustice.

    • dochand Says:

      If you become a “secured party creditor” you will be able to file what is called an “Administrative Negative Averment” and basically sue all those individuals involved in your unlawful termination. You will be in a position to “take their stuff” which means that you will have a lien against their bonds, houses, cars and anything else they own. Make them pay for what they have illegally done to you.

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