Statewide H1N1 Vaccine Provider Registration System

Business Wire
October 13, 2009

Supporting directives from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Upp Software, a business unit of Upp Technology, Inc., has developed, delivered and now offers a Statewide H1N1 Vaccine Provider Registration System to accommodate thousands of vaccine providers’ ordering and reporting needs.

The CDC has advised State and local Public Health authorities to accelerate their outreach plans, and to put in place mechanisms and vaccination venues appropriate to reach groups most likely to be included in a vaccination program against pandemic H1N1 Influenza. The agency has also advised the States of related data collection and reporting requirements, and has asked each State to identify and/or develop systems to collect this mission-critical Public Health information.

Built on our proven Public Health Solutions platform, Upp’s IRMS H1N1 Vaccine Provider Registration System provides online registration for healthcare providers such as medical practitioners and pharmacies, including demographic information, contact details, hours of operation, storage available, etc. This data, coupled with demographics at the State, regional, county and jurisdictional level, allows each State to apportion their allocated H1N1 vaccines by the CDC’s immunization prioritized population groups.

Using the embedded Decision Support System, multiple vaccines can be allocated systematically to regions, counties and providers based on the doses available, the demographic data and other such criteria. This includes system recalculation of allocations, as additional vaccine becomes available, demographics change, and providers are added or removed.

Through the IRMS Web Portal, providers electronically approve orders for vaccine with the option to accept the allocations or adjust quantities. Approved orders are sent electronically to vaccine distributors directly or via the CDC’s VACMAN system. Providers then submit the doses administered and destroyed through the online Web Portal for reporting back to the CDC.


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