Challenging Obama’s Dangerous “Health Emergency”

New Presidential “National Health Emergency”
Gives Secretary Sebelius Power to Send People
to Hospital-Administered Concentration Camps

The Health Emergency declaration which President Obama signed on Friday, October 23, 2009 gives appointed, NOT elected, HHS Secretary Sebelius the power to suspend your right to:

  • Habeus Corpus
  • Make your own health decisions
  • Informed consent
  • Leave a health care facility if you wish to
  • Assurance that you will not “Eugenicized”, that is, killed for the convenience of the State as is now happening in the UK

There is no redress or appeal built into this power so that, once taken to a distant holding facility, a “patient” has no way out of that facility until they are released at the whim of the State or carried out feet first (or cremated?). Hospitals will have the ability to designate you

In fact, despite the fact that there is no Swine Flu health emergency, this Declaration puts the US on a par with Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia where the tyrants who declared war on their own people used the structures of the system to “justify” and “legitimize” their assault on the life, location and liberty of their citizens.

The Declaration gives appointed, not elected, Secretary Sebelius the power to military will back of the

Hard to swallow as it may be, providing this authority to itself means that the US Government now has its excuse to institute the corralling and culling of anyone it chooses.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution gives us the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances.  This is certainly a grievance.

Please submit the Petition for the Redress of Grievances below once for each member of your house hold and then forward this information to the largest possible number of people to create the same kind of effective Push Back that caused Secretaries Napolitano and Sebelius to call off the Pandemic itself last week.

We told you that the other side would be back.  They are.  We told you that our Push Back is the strongest took to keep them stepping backwards.  It is, but only if you take action and mobilize everyone you can reach to do the same.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

In order to address your message to the appropriate recipient, we need to identify where you are.
Please enter your zip code by going to this link:  (USE COPY AND PASTE)

Natural Solutions Foundation  The Voice of Global Health FreedomTM

Doc here: Time to stand together! I told you it would be coming – here it is! We all really need to get off our collective butts and band together to take action. There  IS power in numbers – but we have to put the numbers together so the message has the impact needed for the NWO to BACK-OFF!!!  Please take action right now! Get this info into the hands of as many people as you know – and tell them to pass it on to the people they know – and so on. The numbers WILL grow if we ALL take action now. Put your zip code in the box above and hit “submit”. Then copy down the link to this page and start spreading it around. Do it now! Our collective lives depend on what we do now! Don’t wait until this has all gone too far. PLEASE!!


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One Response to “Challenging Obama’s Dangerous “Health Emergency””

  1. Bonnie Ember Says:

    This is extremely frightening to me.
    Originally I thought that Baxter was an Austrian Company.
    I am disgusted that they are American along w/Novartis, & that they are trying to create a ‘Holocaust by Lethal Injection.’
    Obama holds stocks in at least one of the companys w/the Swine Flu Vaccine & got them $3,000,000,000. for Swine Flu Research when he was a Senator.
    Conflict of interest.
    This is the same thing that Hitler did.
    Mass Genocide.
    Check out Codex Alimentarius as well.
    That one is to be implemented on Oct 30th, 2009.
    Pass the petition on to everyone.
    Love the God Lord.
    Not the Destroyer

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