Natural Solutions Foundation – 10/25/09 Intelligence Update:

Below are the twelve points of data considered by Gen. Stubblebine for his intelligence analysis included in the eblast being sent out later today; please note that some of these points are not fully verified, but all are to the best of our knowledge and belief sufficiently accurate to include in the analysis. You will find references to these points in various blog entries recently published here.

As our Foundation President says in today’s message:

“In the Intelligence world, the task is to take seemingly disconnected pieces of information and find the pattern that binds them together into a cohesive whole, then evaluate the forward progression of events and work to either support those that you want to see happen or forestall those that you do not.

Twelve Data Bits…

1. Swine Flu is a genetically engineered virus, weaponized with the same DNA sequences as the weaponized (but failed) Avian flu.

2. Swine Flu vaccine patents were applied for years in advance of the supposed sudden appearance of a novel Swine Flu virus.

3. Influenza vaccines are hugly profitable, dangerous and useful in mass contamiantion schemes.

4. WHO has been working on sterilization “vaccines” sine 1985 and deploying them widely at least since 1985.

5. WHO/UN/US are committed to massive world population reduction.

6. UK has instituted a massive “Eugenicide” scheme ofmedically-mediated death at the convenience and economic behest of the financial elete, in other words, instituted a war against the people of the UK.

7. The mastermind of this scheme traded continents and now leads the campaign to institute the same eugenicide here in the US.

8. Swine Flu case numbers are meaningless since no accurate and rapid testing exists to determine who does, and who does not, have the disease. Mortality figures are meaningless so no one knows if anyone has died from, as opposed to WITH, Swine Flu.

9. WHO declared that the dangerous adjuvant squalene, in any of its propriatry forms, should be used in the Swine Flu vaccine “prevention” campaign. The US has purchased $484 million dollars worth of squalene, announcing that it would use same only in the even of a “medical emergency” since, says HHS Secretary Sebelius, “our scientists don’t want us to go down that road…”

10. 1998 patents show that high doses of squalene cause permanant, irreversible sterility in the presence of proteins with sugars attached to them (glycoproteins).

11. The human body is very rich in glycoproteins, which serve as cell receptors, cell-to-cell signalling molecules such as hormones and many other molecules.

12. The probably result of widespread squalene-laced vaccine use is mass sterility. Since this is know to those who propose the use of this substance, they are engaged in willful negligence and are not protected by the emergency declaration from liability for the harm they do.

From the above, General Stubblebine concludes:

“…this incredible expansion of power given to HHS stips every American of any rights or recourse.

Why does Sebelius need such powers? How will they be used? What is the intentionality in granting such sweeping and ill-defined powers?

You connect the dots. What picture emerges for you?

That’s right. The picture is extremely dangerous and scary. ACT NOW!”

Please join in the Health Freedom Defense Money Bomb now! Answer this dangerous Declaration by giving us the ability to respond!


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