Hold Off On Calling This Pandemic Overblown or “A Dud” Just Yet

Kelley Bergman
Prevent Disease
November 22, 2009

In the last few weeks, the mainstream media has really started to jump on the alternative media’s bandwagon. They’ve highlighted wasted government investments in pandemic planning, mass vaccinations and even questioned a flu hype that never materialized. Something is going on, and it likely has to do with a strategy for what is coming in the next few weeks or months.

We’re hearing it every day now. Major media outlets are starting to say things like “a wasted investment on vaccines”, or “a pandemic that was a dud”. I have a strong suspicion that the media is now starting to play on both sides of the fence. Why? Because they want to reestablish confidence in a growing skeptical public who has embraced alternative sources.

Most people are not aware of what is going in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. An engineered or mutated virus has been growing in strength, infecting millions of people and likely killing thousands. However, the public has been left in the dark because the World Health Organization (WHO) has been telling a different story and downplaying fatalities and giving contradictory evidence.

The fatality rate of the virus in the Ukraine has been estimated by infectious disease experts to be between 0.5% to 0.7% and possibly growing. That means there could be well over 10,000 deaths right now in the Ukraine and they’re refusing to disclose these numbers to the rest of the world. They’ve barely disclosed even 400 deaths.

So the media’s strategy right now is to play both sides until they decide it’s time for the public to hear the actual numbers. Keep in mind that major media outlets revolve all their programming around a select few decision makers, people at the very top who know exactly what is going on in real-time.

More and more people are becoming conscious to the reality that the H1N1 swine flu has been nothing more than a mild flu across the world. It has “so far” caused a lower mortality rate than even the seasonal flu. So the media must now cater to this mindset until the real pandemic begins. Then they will change their tune and announce that public health officials were right all along. What will happen when the mutated virus reaches other parts of the world? Panic!

Since the virus is engineered, the mutated virus may very well have H1N1 components in it, or it may be an entirely new strain. Nobody really knows since all the WHO advisers know how to do is mislead the world.

They will likely begin publicizing more deaths when the virus hits North America and starts infecting thousands at a time. At that point, they’ll suddenly state that the number of deaths in Europe are skyrocketing, which will not be the case. The situation will have been contained and the deaths will have already happened, but they will have held back on the public announcements to further strategize, create panic, and sell more vaccines and antivirals, among other motives.

The problem is, vaccines will not be functional for the new mutated virus and it will be too late to create another. Will they then try and convince nations that current vaccine stockpiles are effective against this new mutated virus? That would be a new low for the media, but hopefully any persuasion of this type will not be accepted by the public.

It will likely begin with headlines such as “surge of deaths now 100 per day” and they will escalate the tone to create more fear and panic as the weeks pass. We’ve already started to see this happening.

The media will then put public health experts on a pedestal while worshiping their foresight and knowledge on pandemic planning and preparedness, when in reality it was all orchestrated from the beginning.

Aside from all the media hype, the pandemic is not overblown or a dud.
It is real. The first phase of their operation was to release a weak form of the virus and play mind games to see how far they could push nations into mass vaccination programs. The second phase was to release a more lethal form of the virus to create panic and justify the first phase regardless of vaccine compliance. The last phase will mean millions of deaths around the world with varying degrees of martial law, more control and further conditioning to complement the first two phases.

Vaccines will not save people from what is coming. The manufacturers have actually designed them to further suppress what little immunity is left in people to fight the lethal virus. This is very obvious from the vaccine ingredients.

They don’t want us to be prepared and they don’t want us to have the facts, because they know that the strongest and most informed will outlast anything they can throw at us. It’s a chess game, and the public will need to make their move very soon.



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3 Responses to “Hold Off On Calling This Pandemic Overblown or “A Dud” Just Yet”

  1. Jeanne Mangual Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this article! One of the questions that has been nagging at the back of my thoughts is WHY? haven’t we heard anything about the new incidences of plague-like infection currently initiated into the populations in Ukraine and in China? There seems to be a complete blackout of information being posted in the miainstream media and now I have something of an answer as to why. I agree with the author that interested parties are allowing this newer, more lethal version of the pandemic to circulate and destroy a greater number of the populations before the hysteria and panic is created anew. Thanks to this blog author as well for being one of the few sources for information available on the subject of the plague being instituted in Ukraine and China now. Post on!

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