My Apologies

I realize that I have not posted in some time. For this I apologize. It’s not that the information stream has dried up. Quite the contrary. But sometimes life takes some unexpected turns and one most shift priorities. I also realize that very many readers of this blog rely on it for the latest information. Again, I apologize.

Unfortunately, on this past Monday, December 14th, my father-in-law, 90 years young, who had lived with my family and me for the past three years, decided that it was time to return to his home with Jesus. If you have been through an unexpected family death, you already know how life is turned upside down and all one’s time is spent dealing with the loss of the loved one, funeral arrangements, and personally spending time with those kind enough to visit and express their sympathies.

Postings will begin again tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.



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