When the Natural Solutions Foundation calls a spade a spade and identifies what is taking place on a global basis as a war against the people we are not speaking lightly.  We mean it literally.

Arial Spraying, GMOs and beyond, vaccines…. Horrifyingly, the list goes on and on.

Consider: even though the bogus Swine Flu Level 6 Pandemic fizzled, the genocialists STILL want you to take your Swine Flu shots.  Why?

Consider: despite the fact that mercury is a known neurotoxin, 800,000 doses of mercury free Sanofi Pasteur vaccines intended for very young children have been withdrawn for sub optimal potency. Another 4.7 million doses of Medimmune’s (Astra Zenica) Nasal Spray vaccine have been withdrawn for the same reason.

Is the vaccine cabal getting ready to announce that squalene, the incredibly dangerous adjuvant which, in large doses, causes not only profound and lethal auto immune disease, but sterility when injected is “needed” to “save” the potency which has “mysteriously” dropped below previous levels?  Remember that the US government inexplicably purchased over 1/2 billion dollars worth of this unapproved and very, very dangerous injectable adjuvant.

(By the way, it is not clear if the women who miscarry will ever be able to carry a pregnancy again.)

No one, we are told, knows why the potency dropped after manufacture.  Of course, we are not told that there is not a shred of evidence that high OR low potency vaccines have any protective impact.  That they are dangerous and do not prevent infection is quite clear.

There is, however, a huge body of knowledge which says that the mercury-rich doses that the babies will receive (if their parents are naive enough to trust the government!) will damage them, possibly forever.

And we know enough to understand that a substance which is a known toxin for fetuses, often causing fetal death (which may be the reason that so many pregnant women are loosing their babies after being vaccinated) is also a toxin for the babies who will be unlucky enough to receive the replacement 800,000 doses WITH mercury and the kids who will receive the 4.7 million replacement doses for the “sub potency” H1N1 vaccines.

Consider: H1N1 Vaccine, has NEVER been tested for safety…

Consider: There is zero evidence that the immune titer (response) associated with H1N1 vaccine (or any vaccine, for that matter) actually provides any protection against the disease). Sub optimal or not, the stuff is, at best, useless, and, at worst life threatening…

Consider: H1N1 vaccine is said to be just like all the other flu vaccines, a mere “strain change”, yet no flu vaccine has any preventive effect according to multiple studies while they are associated with serious, life threatening and permanent conditions and diseases like asthma and allergies…

Consider: Vaccination is generally avoided for pregnant women except under urgent circumstances, but they are advised to have the H1N1 vaccines which may contain mercury in the absence of any meaningful health threat…

Consider: Mercury is a known fetal neurotoxin yet pregnant women are being exposed to mercury-containing vaccines because of a concocted ‘health threat’…

Consider: WHO, a private corporation like the FED,  receives more than 2/3 of its funding from Big Pharma, whose products it creates global markets for and whose interests it serves.  WHO created this organism, this pandemic and this vaccine danger.

The same organization has been researching and USING sterilization vaccines against women since 1974 all over the world.  Why not in the US now?

Consider: That’s just the tip of the vaccine iceberg, just one iceberg among many.

OK.  Now You Know


While The Choice is Still Yours, Take Your Pick

Globalist Slavery or Planetary Freedom

Welcome to 2010, the year we either win our freedom or lose it for at least the next millenium.

Think that’s an exaggeration?  We don’t.

The War on the People was declared long ago in the halls of Globalist power brokers, but it has, until recently, been one of the best, the most well-kept secrets on the globe.

One of the outstanding successes of the Natural Solutions Foundation (and we are proud to say that it is not our only success, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=195!) is that we have been able to alert a planet-wide community, including you, to the fact that each of the assaults on our health and our freedom is not an isolated event.

Each is a battle well financed and well planned to make it harder and harder for each of us to do what we want to do: live in health and peace, watching our lives and families prosper based on our personal and community needs and wishes.

Note: Today’s Washington Post: Swine Flu Followup – Get vaccinated in time for the “third wave” / 100 million doses now available

Pardon me? Excuse me?  Third wave?  What “third wave”? What “second wave”?  Other than media hype and despicable non-science, what “first wave”?

Instead, the Globalist plan, their Agenda is just the opposite:

– Contaminate our food [e.g., Codex, GMOs, pesticides, toxic waste as fertilizer, etc]

– Control our health choices (e.g., Government control of our resources, choices, pharmaceutical medicine only, eliminate natural medicine and health choices, including high potency supplements)

– Control our information (e.g., mainstream media “poison press” re: nutrition, eliminate information through FDA, FTC censorship of claims so that, for example, “Nano Silver, www.Nutronix.com/naturalsolutions, can kill the pandemic organisms” becomes an illegal statement, “Cancer is a preventable disease of under nutrition and is best cured through low cost, non toxic strategies like intensive nutrition” becomes an illegal statement, etc.)

– Discredit opposition concepts (e.g., there is a global conspiracy to depopulate the planet, supported by incontrovertible proof, global warming is a sham concept supported by flawed science for political purposes) as “conspiracy theory” through the power of the Main Stream Media, a Weapon of Mass Deception)

Instead of a globalist agenda for depopulation and slavery (which is what any fair-minded person must call the state of affairs when someone else makes your health, food and illness-care decisions for you and your children in spite of your wishes), the Natural Solutions Foundation joins you in supporting a Planetary Agenda, one where

– Each of us has the choice to seek, obtain and maintain health in the ways that make the most sense to us

– No one has the right to compel us to  accept vaccination, medication or contamination which is unacceptable to us

– We are free to access information without restriction

– Clean, unadulterated food is available to us as we choose

– No medication or treatment (including any vaccine) may be forced upon us for any reason

– Governmental and non-governmental policies which accept and support depopulation must be canceled and those responsible for them must be removed from positions of authority

National and international agencies dealing with issues which touch on food, health and security must be made answerable only to people and the influence of corporations must be eliminated through restoring full legal liability to corporations and removing corporate “personhood” behind which corporations hide their culpability. No corporate shield for willfull misconduct!

Too much to expect for 1 year? Perhaps.  But since the thrust to solidify Globalist policies and impact is moving so rapidly, the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation believe that 2010 will be the year in which we, those with a Planetary Agenda for Freedom, either gain the high ground or loose it to those with a GLOBALIST Agenda for depopulation and slavery.

We will not accept the World Health Organization, a private corporation like the Federal Reserve Board, taking world control of world governance via a make-believe pandemic of their own creation.

We will not accept the US Government taking control of the US food supply to turn it into a Weapon of Mass Destruction while the Illness Care Industry preys upon our induced weakness and disease with dangerous and ineffective vaccines, drugs and procedures while ending the right of each of us to grow or access clean food.
We will not accept the US Government rationing our health and our disease for its own purposes.
We will not accept the nationalization of our health care information for purposes we cannot even guess at accurately
We will not accept the status of health slaves, food slaves or information slaves.

2010 is the year of decision. That is why we are inviting you to join us, at the beginning of 2010, for the unique, innovative and vitally important Health Freedom War Council, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4183#register.


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